Senior Center: Senior Chat
clegg - Sat, Mar 14, 2009, 7:21 P
Changes at the Senior Center Meal Service
Starting the week of March 16th, the Franklin County Home Care Corp. will only provide a meal site manager for Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. The Senior Center, has volunteers for Monday's meal. Congregate meals will not be served on Friday's until we have a volunteer meal site manager.

note: I am posting this as I usually try to for many events in Montague. However I find this just damn wrong. I have been to the Senior Center on many occasions either to video a show for MCTV, to write an article for the Reporter, to pickup a friends Brown Bag of food or to walk a friend over and this place is full of "Senior Energy".( If you don't know what that term means then shame on you.)
Services will be cut, we all know that, but this week I am sure the road crews will be sweeping the streets, someone will be getting overtime somewhere, gas will sucked up by idling vehicles and people just will not give a damn about our seniors. This is just wrong.