Real Estate: For sale or rent
LLani - Sat, Sep 23, 2017, 7:24 P
Looking For Housing Montague November 1st.
Looking for Housing Fall 2017
My fiancé and I are looking for a new place to live. The moving date is November 1st. We are working professionals in our late thirties, wanting a temporary home. We are hoping to remain in the Montague Leverett area. We would like to find a place to rent for at least a year before we consider buying our own house.
Marc-Andre is French Canadian recently immigrated to the USA and LLani grew up in the area. We are both carpenters and outdoor adventure enthusiasts. We love to grow food gardens as well as hike ski swim bike ice skate etc . LLani co-owns a permaculture gardening business out of Montague, and have lots of friends and community close by.
We are alternative minded folk who don’t own too many possessions. We are respectful and friendly. We believe in recycling, composting, energy conservation, eating good healthy food and being mindful or our impact on the planet.
We would love a little place to call home for the next year. We are looking for a small space such as a studio or garage or one bedroom apartment. We would love a space that is mold free, in a quiet location, fairly inexpensive, and has access to nature.
Internet access, a wood stove, and laundry would be a great bonus, though not necessary.
At other rentals, we have used garden space. It would also be a bonus, but not necessary as we have found space at our friends house for this year.

Have anything that meets our criteria? Please contact us