Montague-Palooza: General Discussion
Sarah - Tue, Mar 24, 2020, 12:43 P
Face Masks For Hospitals
Hi Chris,

Thanks for contributing to the mask-making effort to help keep more folx safe!

This info about where to drop off face masks was posted this morning on the Montague Central Mutual Aid listserve (

"The Western MA Nurses Association/Baystate Franklin Medical Nurses has established a safe collection spot for donations of PPEs (including homemade masks) on the porch of 74 Crescent St, in Greenfield. See attached image for more info. This is Rudy Renaud's house (former Greenfield City Councillor, works for MA Nurses Assoc), and I got the information from her via Facebook. Re homemade masks, she said: "People in the community can use the homemade masks while we are looking for n95s for HCPs. We will sort through them so it’s good to make them if you can."