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Yahara - Thu, May 13, 2010, 9:53 P
Green Mower
Hi Everybody,

I just got this notice from Coop Power:

Co-op Power's Mow Better Program Offers Steep Discounts
on Battery-Powered Electric Lawnmowers

You can mow green thanks to a special offer by Country Home Products and Co-op Power. You can purchase a brand new, battery-powered Neuton mower at a significant discount.

Coupons to participate in the Mow Better program will be available at the Saturday, May 15th 10 am to 6 pm at the Co-op Power Booth at the Hilltown Spring Festival at the fairgrounds in Cummington and May 16th between 3 and 5 pm at Greenfields Market in Greenfield.

The Neuton CE5 (14" blade) and CE6 (19" blade) mowers will be offered at the discounted prices of $309 and $399, with free delivery to your home -- normally $39 for the CE5 and $49 for the CE6. Current Members of Co-op Power can get an additional $20 off either mower. Retail prices for the two models are $399 and $499, respectively.

To learn more, visit or contact Sean Pollock at 413-376-8443 or

The goal of this project is to empower consumers to do their part for cleaner air and less noise, something very achievable considering that:

* A typical gasoline-powered lawn mower emits more than 87 lbs. of climate-changing carbon dioxide a year
* Mowing with a gasoline-powered mower can pollute 100 acres of a neighborhood with noise
* With over 54 million Americans mowing their lawns every weekend, a staggering 4.6 billion lbs. of CO2 is contributed to the atmosphere each year
* Gasoline-powered lawn mowers cause at least five percent of the nation's total air pollutants
* Just one gas-powered lawn mower used for a year can pollute as much as 43 new cars driven for a year
* Each year homeowners spill 17 million gallons of gasoline when refilling their lawn equipment, which contaminates soil and groundwater
* By putting 4,000 working gasoline mowers out of commission, smog-forming volatile organic compound emissions will be reduced by up to 19.7 tons per year

You know what would be great? If we as a group bought one machine and shared it. then the green mower would be affordable. How could we do that?