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KennyHonda - Fri, Jul 23, 2010, 12:38 P
Threats from our Tax Collector
To the Residence of Montague,

I am curious as to what other folks in the Town of Montague think about the Tax Collector's office cold-calling people's homes about licensing their pets??? I simply don't have the time to take off work so I can pay the "General Fund" at the town's convenience. I also received a message stating that the information would be turned over to the town police who will then come collecting. Don't get me wrong. I think people should register their pets and any fee they have to pay should also be used towards the town's people's pets. Not dumped into a "General Fund". See there is a conflict of interest in the way the town if trying to collect. If the Tax Collector and the Police's salaries are paid out of the General Fund then it's a conflict that the town forcefully tries to collect the dog license money with threats from the Tax Collector of the Police coming to collect delinquent fees. I annually donate to the Fire Dept and Police Dept. However, after being threatened by the Town to use the local police to come collect I will no longer be donating any money to any town affiliate. Collect $10 and lose $200. I think our government from the town's up need to rethink what "freedom" means. Not just their paychecks. Requesting to show that your dog is up to date and asking for a donation is one thing. Using Gestapo tactics to use the local police for collecting is another. Let me know your view points. I'm curious what the rest of the silent majority thinks???

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