Saturday June 28th

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Turners Falls RiverCulture presents MarKamusic, a high-energy danceable Latin music band deeply rooted within the folkloric, popular and traditional genres of Latin America, the Caribbean and South American Andean regions. Outdoor Concert in Peskeomskut Park, Turners Falls, 6 - 8 pm, FREE. 

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MarKamusic performs traditional, folkloric and pop music of South and Latin American origin, fused with Latin jazz and western textures and instruments. The group has played its unique repertoire at international-music festivals, educational events in schools, museums, and cultural institutions; and in folk, jazz and world beat clubs all across the Eastern United States.

MarKamusic is composed of a traditional musician from Ecuador, a salsa and Latin Jazz musician form Puerto Rico, a folkloric multi-instrumentalist from Guatemala, two Caribbean, Jazz, Hip-Hop, rock and pop multi-instrumentalists, a Uruguayan rock and funk multi-instrumentalist and a Peruvian pop and traditional multi-instrumentalist scholar. Together, they play chiefly original Folk/Traditional/Pop/Latin amalgams based on Andean, Caribbean, Latin and Afro-South American themes on an eclectic array of nearly fifty ancient and modern instruments. During its performances, MarKamusic accents the contributions of the four major cultural influences that have shaped modern Latin American music—the indigenous South American, the West African, the Euro-Iberian, and the contemporary North American. Traditional rhythms and melodic forms from these diverse cultures intermingled over the centuries, creating much of what is Latin American popular music today.

MarKamusic’’s musical purpose is to drive home to its audiences that America is larger than just the United States: that America, in fact, extends from Alaska to the southernmost tip of Chile. The members of MarKamusic also feel that the diverse cultures of the Americas— tied by history and geography, but separated by politics and language—can effectively be reconciled by the sharing (indeed, by the merging) of their many musical expressions.  MarKamusic’’s musicians: one Peruvian, three Puerto Ricans, one Ecuadorian and one Guatemalan represent the potential of this harmonious exchange.

Turners Falls RiverCulture encourages the development of creative and cultural industries in the Turners Falls area by hosting and promoting cultural events, nurturing local artists and establishing an environment that attracts businesses, residents and visitors. We believe that inviting people to experience creativity and offering access to arts and culture significantly enhances their quality of life and is a vital component to a desirable destination. By highlighting our heritage and indigenous assets as we cultivate creative endeavors, we intend to engender a strong sense of community.

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Posted by RiverCulture - June 14, 2008