Turners Falls, Montague Center, Millers Falls, Montague City, Lake Pleasant and beyond! This is Montague, MA!
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MikeNaughton - Tue, Jun 9, 2020, 11:58 A
Join Today’s Rally Montague Center Common
One wayis that on Article 6, the omnibus general budget article, someone could raise a question about the police budget, asking something along the lines of, "How will this money be used to address the issues raised by recent demonstrations in Montague and around the country?" I would suggest giving Chief Williams and the selectboard and town administrator a heads up beforehand (say, by emailing them this week) that the question will be asked, so they have a chance to prepare. My idea is that it's best not to blind-side them -- give them as good a chance as possible to answer the question, and then see what they say.

I would do this myself, but, after a lot of thought, I've decided not to attend the meeting. Long story short, I'm in a high-risk category, as are members of my family, and that comes first. It wasn't an easy decision -- I think this will be the first annual meeting that I've missed in 20 years -- but it seems like the right one. So I'm hoping that someone who does go will decide to do this.