Turners Falls, Montague Center, Millers Falls, Montague City, Lake Pleasant and beyond! This is Montague, MA!
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fearfeasog - Sat, Sep 12, 2015, 10:24 P
Looking For Apartment Montague For Nov. 1st
Hi folks, mark here. My girlfriend and I are selling our house and hope to move to Montague center or thereabouts this November. We can afford about 1000 a month, give or take depending on utilities, we have one chill adult neutered indoor cat, and...I guess that's about it. I work full time in amherst, steph is an artist working from home. Looking for something not too small, maybe around 700sf would be about right, bigger ok. Already checking Craigslist, thought I'd give this a try too. Thanks so much and have a good one!