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jhanold - Mon, Nov 9, 2015, 12:08 P
Poop Water
Chief Dodge and the Police got involved -- my hunch? -- because they are the most frequent user of the CODE RED system, and because it was their dispatchers who were tied up by phone calls that dealt with Water issues. Here are some more hunches:
The E. coli issue arose in water coming from the Montague Center Fire/Water District, so it does not affect the Turners Falls Fire/Water District. (Neither District is part of Town government, a bit of charming Montague/New England history.) Also, being a Water issue, it is not the Town that flushes the hydrants, but rather the Water District. The one town-level type of oversight is probably by the Board of Health (and my understanding from the last CODE RED call is that the state Dept of Environmental Protection has now approved normal use, so the Town's BOH is probably on-board as well). I suspect the Water District is accountable to the state DEP, and that they are the ones who imposed and later lifted the BOIL order.
Bottom line, send questions directly to the MC Water/Fire District to get answers on cause, effect, corrective action, future plans, etc.