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linda - Mon, May 7, 2018, 2:17 P
Rare And Unique Armored Mud Ball Presentation Carnegie Library
There will be a presentation ceremony for a rare and unique armored mud ball specimen at 2 pm, Monday, May 14th, to the Carnegie Library, by GGC Geology Professor Richard Little, with Library Director Linda Hickman. The resources of the Carnegie Library in Turners Falls will also be highlighted. The armored mud balls will be housed in the second floor museum of the library, joining rocks and minerals both local and from around the world.

There are only a few world locations where armored mud balls are found, and they are in bedrock and not able to be moved or removed. The Turners Falls specimens were from a now-abandoned local quarry, so the rocks were already cut to manageable size. Some of these rocks made up the Old Red Bridge suspension cable anchors and samples can be seen along the Connecticut River in Gill and also Unity Park, Turners Falls. Specimens from this now-dismantled Red Bridge cable anchor also can be seen in the new Geo Path, a part of the Outdoor Learning Laboratory at the south end of the Main Building of Greenfield Community College.