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daviddetmold - Sun, Feb 17, 2019, 10:14 P
Affinity Group Forming Defend The Trees Wendell State Forest
Dear Friends in Montague,
If anyone would like to be part of forming a new affinity group to receive non-violence training and prepare for a possible civil disobedience action defending trees from cutting on public lands in the Wendell State Forest, a stone's throw from the Montague border, just east of the Ranger Station off Montague Road, please come to an initial meeting at 6:30 p.m., this Wednesday, February 20th, at 60 4th Street in Great Falls, MA 01376,
For more information, read this:
Call for Action at Wendell State Forest

To all who are concerned about DCR logging our state forests:
As some of you may already know, The Wendell State Forest Alliance has been organizing since December to develop a course of actions ready to stop DCR from logging 80 acres of older oaks in
Wendell State Forest that concurrently share land with indigenous sacred stone.
In Massachusetts, all of our state forests belong to its citizens. We, the people, are sovereign and are responsible to take part in the protections and benefits of the forest. The Department of Conservation (DCR) works for the citizens of the state. We need to take action to stop DCR’s practice of cutting healthy trees down in our state lands, so we may avert the worst consequences of climate change and ecological devastation. We must also preserve the sacred spiritual spaces of the Native Nations of the region we now share. These spaces should be preserved and revered.
Carbon sequestration has been determined to be a priceless resource for stopping climate change. The age of a tree is directly related to the amount of sequestration that occurs. Older trees, both dead and alive are necessary for the integrity of a forest and have been found to nurture and promote protection and nutrition of soil, plants and younger trees to allow for an intact diverse healthy ecosystem. Natural ecological processes are essential for the web of life. In fact, DCR has targeted cutting an area on Montague Road in Wendell which is the most active amphibian crossing in the area and is state-certified habitat of the rare Jefferson Salamander.
More than half of the state of Massachusetts is covered by forest. While privately owned forests are owned and controlled by private citizens and groups, it is the responsibility of the citizens of our state to protect the forests on our shared state lands.
We welcome you to contact Priscilla at or Miriam at if you would like to receive any information that is shared by the Wendell State Forest Alliance. You may also contact Erik by phone at 413-262-1587. We also have developed a code of conduct that we need everyone to follow at the planned actions. Please contact either of the above email addresses to obtain the code of conduct. Thank you.
- The Wendell Forest Alliance