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Katmondu - Tue, May 13, 2014, 5:22 P
Cac Yak
I was shocked and astonished watching the Selectboard Meeting last night. The Cable Advisory Committee? I cannot believe that the town has entrusted all of our consumer needs with those people. Illegal meetings? Maybe. Unethical behavior? Definitely. I think a weekend workshop on the open meeting law would serve the CAC well. I'm not even sure why we have a whole Select board. Let's just rename the town the dictatorship of not-so-Fair, brother and let the other two catch up on tv binge watching. Oh wait, we did elect them though and if Mr. Fairbother had a modecum of respect for others, he wouldn't be so disrespectful of his colleagues and constituents. I think the select people can make their own motions without needing Fairbrother shoving the words into their mouths, no?
Beyond that, the CAC has failed at every turn to conduct themselves appropriately. The chair speaks for the committee that he has not met with, and therefore has no consensus with. They admittedly have "nothing" to do with the cable contract, they have failed to conduct their review of the access corporation for years and now they want to push through an RFP. They already gave most of our Montague Money to Greenfield ten years ago and I'll bet that Montague gets the shaft again in this contract.The only "executive decision" that the CAC chair should make is regulating his obvious contempt for Lanknecht in public. It is simply shameful.
The icing on the cake is that one could conclude that the select board itself has failed us by allowing these jokers to take on cable negotiation with seemingly no oversight. Bad job.