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BillBry - Sun, Nov 9, 2014, 5:27 A
Naomi Wolf How Fake Democracies Are Rolling Out Global Blueprint For Control
A friend of mine for over 15 years introduced me to his first cousin Naomi Wolfs work a decade ago because she was sounding like me about the end of America. Thanks to you folks ridiculing and demonizing people like me and her, you have the fake democracy police state dictatorship you fricking deserve... Liberty is popular and my heritage, Montague Town hall represents the occupational force that has usurped my freedoms. You folks better start listening to people like me before it is beyond too late.

A side note, where are all the useless parents that should be building skate ramps with their kids? WTF do I have to pay for it? Get your own money folks, the host has been killed by you leeches already and your taking our core property to pay for your amusement parks and fake global warming and welfare social programs!!

People that actually produce are pissed!

...I was right that Greenfield road will be a bike bridge limited access road, I wrote mark my words and it is happening...Agenda 21 on steroids in the Montague branch of the new world order.