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Rob - Fri, May 12, 2017, 7:13 A
Turners Falls Indians
I do not understand what is so offensive of the Turners Falls Indian compared to the cartoon depiction of the Cleveland baseball team. One of my concerns though is that removing the Indian will regulate the people who lived here before the Europeans as forgotten history. Reminding school kids that Native Americans are not some people from the old West but actually spanned our entire continent.If the term Indian is offensive, I don't see how Native American is any less offensive since they are both European created names.
My compromise solution would be name the mascot after one of the tribes that lived in the area (per town website): Pocumtuk Confederacy, the Narragansetts, the Nipmucs, the Wampanoag, and the Wabanaki tribes. Honoring our past is a good thing. If these names sound offensive then maybe the teams can be called the Homo Sapiens which is all inclusive.
Side note, I don't understand the point of boycotting the question on Monday instead of voting one way or another. I do agree with the concept that deciding Civil Rights by a majority vote is not the best way or else minorities would never have gotten their rights. But I do not see this question as a Civil Right