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MikeNaughton - Tue, May 16, 2017, 8:28 P
Turners Falls Indians
Hi Mark,

No insight whatsoever, except that they may have needed time to finalize the results. I know in my precinct the posted results sometimes differ from the ones I've turned in, which is due to things like their getting mailed-in ballots from service people, etc. (when I get my book back for the next election, there are notations in red indicating what got changed). Also, this time I believe our warden had a problem reconciling the total number of ballots received from town hall with the total number returned to town hall, which would have needed to be worked out. I can tell you that we were done before 11:00 pm, which is earlier than we sometimes are. But even so, it's a long day for the folks down at town hall, so they may have been moving a little slowly today (just a guess).

If I get a chance, I'll stop by town hall tomorrow and see how things are going, and I'll post here whatever I learn.