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MikeNaughton - Wed, May 17, 2017, 7:49 P
Turners Falls Indians
Election Results Update:

Along with absentee ballots, which apparently are still coming in (and therefore need to be checked out to see if they were mailed before the deadline), Deb Bourbeau also has to deal with all the write-ins. I know that's an issue with Precinct 2 -- we had two empty slots for 3-year town meeting member, and we must have had at least a dozen write-ins. We also had write-ins for other empty slots (library trustee, and trustee of soldiers' memorials (veteran)), and for each one Deb has to verify that the person is qualified and also whether they want to serve, which can be time-consuming. But when all that is done for all the precincts, the results will be posted on the town's web site (http://www.montague-.../ElectionInformation).