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MikeNaughton - Sat, Jun 10, 2017, 9:33 P
School Comm.
Whoa, noob, settle down. The rules are that if there's a vacancy on the school committee, the committee appoints a replacement who will serve until the next annual election. Whomever is selected can be voted out at that time, assuming someone chooses to run against them. The superintendent has no say in the matter -- it's a school committee decision; letters of interest get sent to him because he's a central point of contact for the school committee.

AND, according to this week's Montague Reporter, TWO letters of interest have been submitted: one by Michael Langknecht and one by Joyce Phillips. Both are people who were one the committee but got voted off. BUT at the meeting where the decision will be made (to be held this Tuesday, June 13, school committee members are free to nominate as many other candidates as they like. SO right now there are two choices, but by the time is vote made there may be more.

BUT (as patrick rightly noted), only if other people step forward and express an interest. It looks like a lot of people are all fired up about the school system until it's time to serve on the school committee -- then they've suddenly got something else to do. They may have been voted off, but at least they still have an interest in doing the job. I think they both deserve credit for that, not mudballs thrown by some living in another district.