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jhanold - Fri, Dec 12, 2014, 4:50 P
Five-eyed Fox
Disclosure Alert: My record on predicting success for eateries in Turners Falls is pathetic, for which I am grateful (if embarrassed). Several places I thought were risky have thrived instead, so I hope I don't jinx a good one here.
With that in mind, my first visit to Five-Eyed Fox on Third St was very positive. It does not feel like a repeat of anywhere else, the inviting atmosphere should appeal to a variety of people, and the food was tasty and unique-within-reason. That makes it a good choice for curious visitors and Cheese-Beer followers. I need a late-evening place to unwind, sometimes, and this is where their extended hours will be a real asset to the village (and provide yet another reason for other villages and towns to sample the attractions of Power Town).