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mik - Fri, Dec 4, 2009, 7:05 P
Turners Falls Man Gets Derby Idea Rolling

by Arn Albertini Eecorder staff
published: Friday, December 04, 2009
photo by Recorder/Paul Franz

Mik Muller stands at the ready on a hill in Turners Falls where he hopes to launch a gravity-powered homemade car race next fall.

TURNERS FALLS -- Mik Muller remembers racing a sheet of plywood with two 26-inch bicycle wheels in the rear, the front handlebars and front wheel from a children's banana seat bicycle in the front and a 2-by-4 for stability.

"It was sort of like a chopper," he said recently remembering his childhood summers on the boardwalks of Saltaire, N.Y.

Before racing, he, his brother and a friend took apart axles of each wheel and cleaned the ball bearings in Drano.

'It hauled.'

Now he wants children, both actual children and those young at heart, here to have a chance to create and race their own homemade speedy carts.

Muller is working with the Montague Business Association, Montague Web Works and the town's Parks and Recreation Commission to set up a gravity powered derby for next fall on Sept. 18.

The downhill race course would be along First Street to Unity Park.

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For more info call Mik @ 413-320-5336