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Montague SoapBox Derby
mik - Thu, Aug 12, 2010, 11:16 A
Soapbox Carts in Block Party Parade
The Montague Soapbox Races will be part of the Avenue A Block Party parade

[soapbox_cart1_small] Turners Falls - Entrants in the Montague Soapbox Races will bring their carts to the Avenue A Block Party to show them off in the parade, and display them during the block party.

Daniel Kornguth, the owner of a soapbox derby in Brattleboro and an early registrant in the Montague race, commented "Are you kidding? We'll be there to represent Brattleboro and challenge Montague to beat us."

Joe Landry, a local sculptor and artist, built a cart just for the parade. "My granddaughter wanted to be in the parade, so I built her a cart." He is considering entering the cart into the Montague Race and may be looking for a driver.

All entrants in the Montague Soapbox Races, whether they have completed their carts or not, are encouraged to bring their carts to the parade, and show off their current status with other entrants.

The parade starts at 2:00 PM at Second Street in front of MCTV and goes towards Fifth Street.

The Avenue A Block Party is celebrating its fourth year, and has become a regular annual event in Turners Falls, MA.

For more info, visit the block party webpage.