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stash - Sat, Sep 1, 2018, 12:49 P
Cell Phone
Freebie.. I have a ZTE Z233VL flip phone. Bought for wife and she likes her old one better. This is a 4G LTE that has time til 9/18. 499mins. 998 texts and 496.48 data left on it. I bought a 500 min,1m text 500 data plan,so that's how much use it has had. All I did was activate it . It has a number as well. The PD doesn't collect them any more because the folks are now able to get the freebie welfare m phones. Only non part is the charger. Can't find the usb one so I have a plug in style. Also have all needed manuals that came with it. Good starter for a youngster to start with. It is a TracFone so you can check it out on their web site. Again, main word is FREE...…. Have a great Holiday. Stash