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Montague SoapBox Derby
Clark - Sun, Sep 19, 2010, 10:31 P
Mik: Congratulations for a GREAT community event involving ALL ages and segments of the community !!
My wife Martha and I were up visiting and had a delightful time seeing the race AND seeing soooo many of our friends and aquaintenances of over 35 years in Town! While in the audience, I heard a large number of people express their desire to be in the race NEXT year.!!!! Again Mik---CONGRATULATIONS !!!

This is EXACTLY one of the many types [including art shows, pumpkin fests, festivals etc.] of activites that previous citizen groups "dreamed" could get started in the "future" back in the 1980's !!! It was soooo refreshing for us to be you all and see such a HAPPY , FUN activity come to the Town of Montague !!!!! Thanks Mik and the ENTIRE CREW !!!!! Clark