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Laura - Thu, Sep 11, 2014, 8:17 A
I am finding the scarce mention, and total lack of historical reflection on, today's 9/11 anniversary (but plenty of mention of Obama-ordered military bombings) disturbing and ominous.

I wonder only partly facetiously if the media are trying to set up the next 9/11 for us with this bizarre choice. Do we honestly think 9/11 happened in a vacuum or as BabyBush put it "because 'they' hate our freedom" ? Are we really too dumb to realize that this is exactly what terrorists want? It's Osama binLaden's dream come true.

This government is nothing but the corrupt slave of the fossil fuel and pharmaceutical industries. Here in Franklin County, we live it here everyday in the form of our young people losing their lives to opioid addictions (the raw materials grown in Afghanistan, natch), and our lives, livelihoods, and arable land under threat from the former CEO of Enron. Aided and abetted by not only the federal but horrifyingly, even the governor of MA.

One tiny anecdote that illuminates the powers making decisions about our lives : The state-of-the-art "science" education center across the river at hallowed Deerfield Academy, enclave of the 1%'s offspring is named for global warming's most eminent denier and esteemed alumnus, David Koch. When 2 local kids (day students) graffiti'd "$=Power" on the side of the building a couple years back, DA expelled them, resulting in John Gundelfinger (young man from Gill) losing his merit-based college scholarship a mere few weeks before he was due to graduate. Luckily Greenfield High School let him enroll for the last few weeks of school and granted him a diploma. And lest anyone get up in arms about the vandalism, I also know the local public high-schooler and groundscrew member, Nate Kari, who washed it off the next day. It was tempera, not spraypaint. The kids had been distributing pamphlets and trying to get DA to have a dialogue about the Koch "Science" Center all school year, and security kept confiscating the material. They wanted the newest admitted class to get the message during late April orientation .... and they sure got it. That is, they got the message that if you speak truth to power, you will be shut down.

Time to act.