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Rob - Sat, Oct 22, 2016, 10:00 A
Told You So.
Trump represents stripping as much regulation as possible away so businesses can make more profit at the small price of destroying our environment. Exactly what rights is Hillary going to be taking away from us? Requiring background checks to help enforce laws currently on the books is disarming people? And yes she supports a lower class by realizing the whole trickle down theory didn't work. Trump is proposing the same trickle down theory but with businesses instead of the rich. Trump is offering a promise of instant gratification at the cost of our planet's future. The Affordable Healthcare Act is not working as well as promised and the problems need to be addressed. (Should have already been addressed but the Republicans in congress have kept trying to repeal it instead of fix it. If they actually proposed a solution to replace AHA before trying to scrap the AHA then they might have a good idea.)