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Resiliency and Transition Towns
joelandry - Mon, May 10, 2010, 3:00 P
lessons from the wind storm: Transition Montague
I'm a little confused about the mission of this movement and how it is funded. Doing a simple search, it seems like it is connected with the Global Warming movement. Is it to push the goal of Global Warming or is it's goal to help people? The founders made statements that make them look like followers of the movement. As stated by the co founder. "In response to that urgency, and now joined by Sustrans director Pete Lipman, they jointly founded Transition Network, with a simple mission - to inspire, encourage, connect, support and train communities as they adopt and adapt the transition model on their journey to urgently rebuild resilience and drastically reduce CO2 emissions." Is it connected to Gore. What is the truth, it's objectives and how is it connected.