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Resiliency and Transition Towns
joelandry - Mon, May 10, 2010, 8:19 P
lessons from the wind storm: Transition Montague
Thanks for the response. On the surface it sounds like quite and interesting and mostly local movement. If it were a local or American movement it would be easier to find out what is behind it. But it is not and that worries me. I did read the Criteria and process for becoming an "official" Transition Initiative. Except for one point it seems like a very good movement. A very important of any group is the flow of money and behind the scene money. International movements make the "follow the money" difficult.

Rob Hopkins worked for Al Gore from what I can see. Also we in America have our own laws and in some cases it has slight conflicts with UN Declarations. To be part of the movement you must support the UN Declaration of Human Rights. Is that right? The comparison of our laws and the UN Declaration of Human Rights yields conflicts.