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Resiliency and Transition Towns
Shauna - Fri, Jun 4, 2010, 9:46 A
First Transition Montague Skill share tomorrow at Brooks Bend Farm
Transition Montague Skill Share! Free and Open to anyone who cares about Montague, Gardening and wants to get to know each other better.

Brook’s Bend Farm garden skills include planting for succesional crops, techniques for planting starts, hand tools for effective weeding, building compost and more.
potluck following till 1:00 Bring a dish and enjoy lunch on the farm.

- Building transition community - transitioning to localized do-it-yourselfer lifestyle - Also supporting needed work on our Grange if you care to donate. Future skill shares will be weekly and will take place either at the Grange, or on the land of the person offering. If you have a skill you are willing to share with your neighbors, in order to bring us together for a few hours sat. morning for some talk, learning and community building, contact Shauna:

Thanks, and hope to see you there!

Montague Center, Old Sunderland Rd, down past the four corners stop signs, about a quarter mile. Baby sheep! Baby chickens! Great place to spend a lovely June morning, and share potluck lunch with new and old friends!

Suzanne, Al, Mira and Josh:
Brook's Bend Farm, Montague, MA, 01351, (413)367-2281,

Chemical-free honey, organic eggs, seasonal vegetables, pasture-raised grass-fed lamb, and fleece in natural colors from Shetland Sheep.