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Resiliency and Transition Towns
JohnTobey - Thu, Aug 15, 2013, 10:39 A
Feds: effort to close Vermont Yankee "deceptive"
So the time bomb upriver continues to tick.

All right, well, besides researching bug-out locations farther away, is there anything we can do locally? I mean, besides waving signs and appealing to our elite overlords. Assuming the NRC, FEMA, and the plant owners remain committed to perception management and finger-pointing, the thing will one day have a major leak or explosion. How can we, the surrounding communities, prevent or prepare for it?

http://www.greenmoun.../Fairewinds+Assoc%2E - Note Arnie Gundersen's estimate of the cost to clean up Fukushima: $500-750 BILLION. Compare that to what it would cost to buy a plant, shut it down, and manage the waste until it is all in dry cask storage (a few hundred MILLION, I suppose).

http://cluborlov.blo...r-meltdowns-101.html - Don't miss Orlov's comparison of nuclear weapons to nuclear power: "It's like comparing having a gun safely in your possession to heating your house with ammo."