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MikeNaughton - Mon, Dec 12, 2011, 10:04 P
Montague Center School
A while back there was a lively discussion on this board about the fate of the MC school. Without wanting to revisit that, I read with interest recently that the sole responder to the RFP has appeared before the Planning Board and asked for a number of things, involving parking, space for solar panels, and infrastructure improvements. The Planning Board also has its own concerns. Negotiations are very much ongoing, and nothing is set in stone yet.

All of which is to say that anyone who is interested in what happens to the MC school still has a chance to weigh in. There's a good chance you can help shape the nature of whatever actually happens there and/or influence whether this developer's plan falls through or not.

As usual, your success in this effort will likely be proportional to the amount of effort you're willing to put into it (with posting your wishlist on this corkboard being probably about a zero and going to the meetings, learning about the requirements and restrictions, and trying to find a good balance among competing interests rating a solid ten) :-). But for anyone who's interested, here's your chance -- don't on the sidelines now and then complain down the road ... ;-)
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