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Montague Community TV: Corkboard: Channel 17 Schedule

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clegg - Sat, Apr 14, 2007, 12:24 P
TV show ideas
Hey all,

For about a year I have been involved with MCTV with producing shows, running cameras at town events and meetings and generally having a great time. However we could really use some new ideas for shows or features, and assistance with events. Dean and Robin at the station are just great to work with and some new producers seem to have an interest in helping with events but I don’t think it is enough. I am just amazed there is so little interest out there for our own Community TV station. I believe once you start getting involved and enjoying yourselves like I have then you will wonder why it took you this long.

For example from now until the end of May these are the sort of events that could be worked on and presented to MCTV (and this is just what I know about): Ten potential events that could be taped a the Discovery Center ranging from the Coffee House Music Series to Children’s concerts with Chip Wood to science presentations and then the Great Falls Arts fest and tours. Then there are at least two school plays; Library events including Music and Movement and live Emus at the Carnegie; at least three nights of Valley Idol; Montague Talent Show; Memorial Day parade and ceremony; and lets not forget the Special Town Meeting and the Annual Town Meeting.

I didn’t know anything about camera work or producing a year ago, now I have worked on over 60 events and almost all of them by myself.

Come into MCTV station on Friday, April 20 @ 12:30, or Tuesday, April 23 @ 6:00 to meet some of the producers and see if we can win you over with some interest in YOUR community TV station’s efforts to bring local programming to you.
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