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JeffSingleton - Sat, Feb 15, 2014, 10:24 A
Another Issue
Just to let people know the U.S. Congress just avoided another major financial crisis when the U.S. Senate voted to end extremist Ted Cruz's filibuster of the vote to raise the debt ceiling. It happened with the votes of the Republican leadership who then voted against raising the debt ceiling to satisfy their extremist base..


IMHO the "moderate" leadership has helped create the problem by stoking the fires of Tea Party extremism with their fear-mongering attacks on "Obamacare." Very similar to the McCarthy era when moderate Republicans looked the other way while McCarthy attacked the [Democrat] Truman admin, then pulled the plug on tail gunner Joe when he attacked Ike's army as infested with communists. Nice people.

A brilliant analysis of the phenomenon by Salon's Joan Walsh..

Mark1 writes... "So you can't swim in Green Pond or boat on Green Pond but a pipeline's ok?" Well said. I would say perhaps the water district has gone under the radar screen for too long.
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