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stash - Wed, Mar 4, 2015, 8:35 A
Shea Again
Wow, Can't afford electric.. Well July is warm so let them shut it off. If no one new takes over by power needs for heat turn it on then. Yup, the arts are great for the Town of Montague. Never mind NOT giving the info on cost. Wonder how many months behind they are???????? As a TM member I sure as he77 won't support ANY $$ to do with the Shea. Another money pit like RRS and Strathmore. Another hand in the wallet the town does not need. I would say sell it, but with the track record in real estate it would cost us more.. Don't see any town businesses jumping in to support them. So evidently they didn't bring the magic money every supporter says they do/did.. Willing to bet that CE-CEs and Subway LOST money when it was doing a show. Also I'm sure it was behind the packie move as well..
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