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Policy Wonk Place: Documents
District Meeting Docs
043i_Compact at Dist Mtg.doc Compact For Plan Implementation 12/02/10 33 KB
047c_Table B at Dist Mtg.xls The Plan 12/02/10 23 KB
Legislators Statement of Support.doc Legislators’ Statement of Support 12/02/10 22 KB

Technical Committee
Tech_Panel_Statement_to_School_Committee_12-11-12.pdf Mike Naughton statement to GMRSD School Committee 12/11/2012 12/19/12 19 KB
PPESelect09Update.xls Per Pupil Comparisons: GMRSD, State Average, Other Districts 09/04/10 20 KB
Per PupilExpenditures Narrative 6-10-10.doc Per Pupil Comparisons Narrative 09/04/10 193 KB
GenFundCalculation.xls Table 2: General Fund Comparisons Only 09/04/10 17 KB

National Health Care
Health Bills Compared.pdf Congressional Proposals Compared 09/04/10 432 KB
Final House-Senate Bills Compared.pdf House-Senate Bill Compared 09/04/10 240 KB

Race To The Top etc
RTT Memorandum.pdf RTT Memorandum of Understanding 09/04/10 98 KB
RTT Homework.doc Why I Will Vote No (Maybe) 09/04/10 32 KB

Ed. Policy
GMRSD Plan Draft 6-23.doc Draft GMRSD Ed Plan 6-23-11 08/16/11 45 KB
0108fiscalconditions.doc State Report on Local Ed Funding 09/04/10 263 KB
0108fiscalconditions.xls More Data on Ed Funding From DESE 09/04/10 1,227 KB

GZA_air_pollution_report.pdf GZA Review of Epsilon Analysis of PRE: Air and Noise Impact 09/04/10 824 KB
task_reports_except_GZA_102009.pdf Town of Greenfield Reports on PRE 09/04/10 382 KB

Conceptual Stuff
Pyrrhic victory.doc pyrrhic victory - common in politics of policy 09/04/10 47 KB
Sisyphus.doc Sisyphus - reformers' great fear but what he a reformer? 09/04/10 152 KB

State Budget
Impact on Local Aid.doc   09/04/10 71 KB
Globe Editorial-First Trim Waste.doc Globe Editorial: Trim Waste (?) 09/04/10 34 KB
MTF State Revenue Forcast_oct_09.pdf State Budget Shortfall 09/04/10 35 KB
Patrick Warns of Job Cuts.doc Patrick Warning 09/04/10 89 KB

H1N1 Docs and Links
Nothiing to Fear.doc New York Times op ed 09/04/10 81 KB
New Yorker - The Fear Factor.doc H1N1: "The Fear Factor" 09/04/10 80 KB
H1N1 Qand A.doc Federal: Center For Disease Control 09/04/10 107 KB
State HHS Website.doc State Policy Update 09/04/10 33 KB