Turners Falls, Montague Center, Millers Falls, Montague City, Lake Pleasant and beyond! This is Montague, MA!
Grange hall available for rent!
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General Documents
SlipperySneakersE-Flyer.jpg ZYDECO DANCE PARTY , DECEMBER 4, ORANGE, MA see the link below. 11/10/10 392 KB
FAQ’s-Stretch Code 1Page.pdf FAQ about Stretch Code 03/25/10 55 KB

Audio Recordings
2007-05-06 Montague May Day.mp3 Audio of Montague May Day parade and maypole action, complete with music and laughing. May 6, 2007. Recorded by Mik Muller and Sally Prasch. 08/18/07 164,990 KB
Happy Rough with live guitarpm newww6.mp3 New Song, Happy, remastered in July, 2007. Jen Tobey’s Alter Ego. 08/01/07 5,593 KB
I Know You Want Me Gone 5.mp3 New Song, remastered 2007 July. Jen Tobey’s Alter Ego. 08/01/07 4,192 KB

Traffic Calming
Village Meeting Neighbor.doc   09/28/17 22 KB
Village Meeting.doc   09/28/17 19 KB
010111-selectmen.png   09/28/17 13 KB
010111-selectmen.doc   09/28/17 35 KB
Brian and Alice McGowan.doc   09/28/17 23 KB
99traffic.xls Montague Center Traffic Data from early 2001 09/28/17 110 KB
traffic.ppt   09/28/17 913 KB

Local & US Politics

Local Docs
BioMass Overview TurnersFalls 2009-06-04 Final.ppt Biomass powerpoint presentation Turners Falls High School June 4, 2009 06/12/09 3,412 KB

National Docs
impeachment petition.doc Petition to protect the constitution by impeaching Bush and Cheney 02/27/07 43 KB
petition.pdf Petition to protect the constitution by impeaching Bush and Cheney 02/27/07 1,007 KB

SoapBox Derby

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1046-AmSpts-TE-DIS(eff_3-10)_2-10.pdf K&K Event Insurance. Under review for the Soapbox Race in September. 03/22/10 540 KB


LPFM Documents
MCTV Newsletter 9_09.pdf   09/03/09 108 KB
KYRS ShortSpaced.PDF Supporting documents for MCTV’s LPFM license and setup. 04/17/08 92 KB
support letter template.doc Supporting documents for MCTV’s LPFM license and setup. 04/17/08 41 KB
whos on second and whats on third.doc Supporting documents for MCTV’s LPFM license and setup. 04/17/08 90 KB

MCTV Documents
MCTV_Board_Application.doc   12/20/05 42 KB
MCTV_MCAC_Responses_1.doc   11/16/05 140 KB
MCTV_MCAC_Responses_2.doc   11/16/05 22 KB
MCTV_Proposal_October_2005.pdf   10/28/05 458 KB

Montague Reporter

Default Collection
GMRSD Compact Table B.pdf Table B from GMRSD Compact 11/05/10 18 KB
2009-01-29-local-buzz-montague-reporter.mp3 A Benefit for the Montague Reporter by Dennis Crommett, Local Buzz Thursday January 29, 2009 As newspapers everywhere grapple with the question of how to survive in the new media economy, the Montague Reporter takes a simple step: a community fundraiser to support their efforts. 04/24/09 16,966 KB
MR_AdRateSheet2of2.pdf   04/22/09 46 KB
MR_AdRateSheet1of2.pdf   04/22/09 550 KB

Montague Common Hall

Official Grange Documents
2008-05-14 History of Montague Grange.doc A history of the town of Montague and the role the Montague Grange took in it. 06/10/08 40 KB

Business Association

Meeting Agendas & Minutes
Minutes 9.29.08.doc Meeting Minutes 11/08/08 31 KB
agenda7.7.08.doc MBA mtg 5:30-7:00 (:30?) 07/03/08 26 KB
2008-06-02 MBA Leader Minutes.doc Montague Business Association - Leadership Team June 2, 2008, 5:30 - 7:00, at the Responsive Classroom Center Present: Programming: Lisa Davol; Operations: Todd Howe, Bill Brown, Deborah Graham; Membership: Pamela Kostanski, Linda Ackerman, Gary Howe; Comms: Mik Muller, Jen Audley 06/05/08 23 KB
AGENDA6.2.08.doc Meeting agenda for June 2, 2008 06/01/08 25 KB
2008-05-08 MBA Exec Minutes.doc   05/18/08 22 KB
2008-05-12 MBA Membership Agenda.doc   05/16/08 24 KB
2008-05-12 MBA Membership Minutes.doc   05/16/08 27 KB

General Documents
WesternMassUsedBookstores.pdf Map of Western mass Used Book Stores 04/08/10 142 KB

The Brick House

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GazaStrip.doc February 24 7pm, Undergrowth Farm will present "Gaza Strip" a film about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, with Lana Habash to offer historical perspective. 02/05/09 25 KB
PRstonyfieldfarm.doc   10/24/08 26 KB

Town Issues

FY 11 Budget Docs
GMRSD State Aid-Charges.doc GMRSD State Aid-Charges (Gov-House 2-Feb 1) 01/29/10 48 KB
Gill Local Aid (Gov).doc Gill Cherry Sheet (Local Aid)- Governor's Budget (House 2-Feb 1) 01/29/10 114 KB
Montague Local Aid (Gov).doc Montague Cherry Sheet (Local Aid) Governor's Budget (House 2/Feb 1) 01/29/10 112 KB

Town Clerk Documents
STM040110WARRANT.pdf Special Town Meeting warrants - April 1, 2010. 03/17/10 25 KB
FY 2010 TOWN MEEETING MEMBERS AS OF 5-18-09.xls List of Town Meeting members for FY 2010 10/15/09 231 KB
5-19-2008 Annual Election.xls Full results of the May 2008 town-wide election, compiled by Deb Borbeau. Of note: Pat Allen for selectboard. 05/21/08 51 KB

Policy Documents
enrollment declines.doc Analysis of Impact of Enrollment Declines on GMRSD Budget 11/05/09 31 KB
GMRSD Final Report.doc Five Year Plan: GMRSD Report 10/18/09 552 KB
GMRSDReportConclusion.doc GMRSD Report: Conclusion 10/18/09 119 KB
Montague Final Report.doc Five Year Plan: Montague Report 10/18/09 750 KB
Gill Final Report.doc Five Year Plan Part 3: Gill 10/18/09 307 KB

Town Planner Documents
Development Project List 2006-01-20.xls   01/10/06 30 KB
Draft 2006 Community Development Strategy.doc   01/10/06 47 KB
Montague Community Development Plan.pdf   02/04/05 24,621 KB
Strathmore Feasibility Study Request For Proposals.doc   02/04/05 61 KB
Cumberland Farms Redevelopment Student Concepts.pdf   02/04/05 27,334 KB

Gill Montague School

General Documents
GMRSD Plan Draft 6-23.doc Draft GMRSD Ed Plan 6-23-11 JS 08/16/11 45 KB
FCSCC Vision Statement - Final.doc The statement ratified by FCSCC and submitted for ratification by all school district in Franklin County. 11/09/09 135 KB
SummitHandout20091106.doc Data and pre-analysis of feedback to the Franklin County School Committee Caucus: Stickin’ it to The Man (just kidding about that part...) 11/07/09 399 KB
MCSARGFinalsubmission.doc Horace Mann Charter School proposal. 03/19/08 162 KB

Policy Wonk Place

District Meeting Docs
043i_Compact at Dist Mtg.doc Compact For Plan Implementation 12/02/10 33 KB
047c_Table B at Dist Mtg.xls The Plan 12/02/10 23 KB
Legislators Statement of Support.doc Legislators’ Statement of Support 12/02/10 22 KB

Technical Committee
Tech_Panel_Statement_to_School_Committee_12-11-12.pdf Mike Naughton statement to GMRSD School Committee 12/11/2012 12/19/12 19 KB
PPESelect09Update.xls Per Pupil Comparisons: GMRSD, State Average, Other Districts 09/04/10 20 KB
Per PupilExpenditures Narrative 6-10-10.doc Per Pupil Comparisons Narrative 09/04/10 193 KB
GenFundCalculation.xls Table 2: General Fund Comparisons Only 09/04/10 17 KB

National Health Care
Health Bills Compared.pdf Congressional Proposals Compared 09/04/10 432 KB
Final House-Senate Bills Compared.pdf House-Senate Bill Compared 09/04/10 240 KB

Race To The Top etc
RTT Memorandum.pdf RTT Memorandum of Understanding 09/04/10 98 KB
RTT Homework.doc Why I Will Vote No (Maybe) 09/04/10 32 KB

Ed. Policy
GMRSD Plan Draft 6-23.doc Draft GMRSD Ed Plan 6-23-11 08/16/11 45 KB
0108fiscalconditions.doc State Report on Local Ed Funding 09/04/10 263 KB
0108fiscalconditions.xls More Data on Ed Funding From DESE 09/04/10 1,227 KB

GZA_air_pollution_report.pdf GZA Review of Epsilon Analysis of PRE: Air and Noise Impact 09/04/10 824 KB
task_reports_except_GZA_102009.pdf Town of Greenfield Reports on PRE 09/04/10 382 KB

Conceptual Stuff
Pyrrhic victory.doc pyrrhic victory - common in politics of policy 09/04/10 47 KB
Sisyphus.doc Sisyphus - reformers' great fear but what he a reformer? 09/04/10 152 KB

State Budget
Impact on Local Aid.doc   09/04/10 71 KB
Globe Editorial-First Trim Waste.doc Globe Editorial: Trim Waste (?) 09/04/10 34 KB
MTF State Revenue Forcast_oct_09.pdf State Budget Shortfall 09/04/10 35 KB
Patrick Warns of Job Cuts.doc Patrick Warning 09/04/10 89 KB

H1N1 Docs and Links
Nothiing to Fear.doc New York Times op ed 09/04/10 81 KB
New Yorker - The Fear Factor.doc H1N1: "The Fear Factor" 09/04/10 80 KB
H1N1 Qand A.doc Federal: Center For Disease Control 09/04/10 107 KB
State HHS Website.doc State Policy Update 09/04/10 33 KB

Montague Libraries

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Montague Public Libraries Survey.pdf The Montague Public Libraries Board of Trustees is offering residents a short and simple survey that they can fill out to let the library know what they think about library services and to suggest improvements. 07/01/11 92 KB

Parks & Rec

Default Collection
Overall Plan-comp.pdf Unity Park Improvement Project Preliminary Design - Phase I & II 09/22/11 1,055 KB
2009 Sawmill River Results Overall[1].pdf SAWMILL RIVER 10k RUN RESULTS - 2010 01/01/10 20 KB