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Turners Falls RiverCulture (TFRC): Press Releases

Saturday: Halloween Party at Carnegie Library

Children of all ages and their families are invited to attend a free Halloween party with refreshments, games, face painting, and arts and crafts. Costumes are encouraged, but not required.

October 25, 10:30 a.m. - noon, FREE, Carnegie Library, Avenue A + 7th Street, information at 863-3214.

Saturday: Ice Age Climate Changes in the Valley

Pioneer Valley Institute and the Friends of the Great Falls Discovery Center present  Ice Age Climate Changes in the Valley ,  Geologists Steve Winters and Professor Dick Little join forces in the Great Hall at 10 AM for an overview followed with the field trip portion of this program - Glacial Landforms Here in Our Backyard- which will take you to Montague Plains with its kettle holes and dunes, the Sunderland Lakebed and terraces and varve exposures in South Deerfield.  Bring a picnic lunch; we’ll stop to eat atop Mount Sugarloaf.

October 25, 10am - 12pm, Free to members of either PVI or the Friends of the Great Falls Discovery Center.  All others $10 suggested donation. To register, call PVI at 413-775-1671 or e-mail

Saturday: Halloween Celebration around the Campfire with Roger Tincknell

This 25+ year-old celebration of Halloween through songs, stories and dance is led by internationally known and locally loved singer/songwriter Roger Tincknell. Some parents say this is an event they put on their calendar every year – and they bring other families along – because it is such heartwarming fun. Imagine a group of young witches, fairies and aliens in the glow of the firelight spellbound by a slightly spooky story – or waltzing around in small family groups to Roger’s beautiful music and you can get some sense of the delight this evening brings. Wholesome snacks also served. Dress WARMLY and bring flashlights and blankets or chairs for seating. Program meets behind Visitor Center. In case of poor weather, the program will be held indoors. For all ages.

October 25, 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm, FREE, Northfield Mountain Visitor Center, Pre-register by calling 800-859-2960

Northfield Mountain Programs website

Tuesday: Native American Artifacts - What Do They Tell Us about People and the Environment?

Chris Donta will share information about archaeological sites excavated in the Valley, including those dug recently in Northfield and Gill, and how they fit into the history of Native American occupation in the area.  Archaeologists divide the 15,000 years of Native history in the Valley into three distinct time periods – Paleo, Archaic and Woodland. There have been significant environmental changes from the post glacial Paleo period through the warmer Woodland era and tools and artifacts reflect people’s adaptations to these changes. Learn how sites are dated by the artifacts found and the stories they tell about people’s lives along the River. A Senior Project Archaeologist for the Department of Anthropology at the University of Massachusetts, Chris Donta has worked in Archaeology in the Northeast for 15 years and has worked on more than 200 projects including those associated with riverbank erosion sites in Gill and Northfield. For ages 12 and older.

October 28, 7pm to 8:30 pm, FREE, Northfield Mountain, Pre-register by calling 800-859-2960
Northfield Mountain Programs website

Wednesday: Montague Phantom Brain Exchange #10

Montague Phantom Brain Exchange is a place where bodied & disembodied brains & nonbrains can safely gather to deconstruct solutions & create problems while soaking in an envigorating bath of provocative entertainments.  Last wednesday of every month, 9pm to midnight, at the Rendezvous. A typical  evening will include 2-3 performing acts, a 15 minute lecture and a DJ.

This month’’s lineup includes:
Eagle Ager
Russian Tsarlag
Bull Tongue interviews Danny Fields
DJ Phloyd Rice

October 29th, 9pm, Five Bucks, The Rendezvous, 78 3rd St., Turners Falls
Get all the details here.

HALLOWEEN in Downtown Turners Falls!

Trick or Treating
The Montague Business Association is coordinating a safe and inviting Trick or Treat event downtown on Avenue A for an hour on Halloween from 4-5 pm.  A bright orange pumpkin displayed either in the window or on the door will welcome in the trick or treaters to receive tasty goodies.  An up to date list will be provided in next week’s Montague Reporter, so please pick up a copy.  For additional information, contact Pam Kostanski at 863-9900 or Linda Ackerman at 863-4316. 

Rag Shag Parade
After Trick or Treating, stick around for a good old fashioned community parade - the Rag Shag Parade -  which kicks off at 5:15pm in Aubuchon’s parking lot on Avenue A.

Count Dracula!
If you are not suffiently spooked, grab a bite to eat downtown and head over to the Shea for The Country Players’’ production of Ted Tiller’s Count Dracula at 8pm. Directed by Dave Grout, this production is sure to make you jump out of your seat. Will Mina survive the Count’s advances? Will the doctor’s diagnosis come in time? Will Renfield escape yet again? This production is not recommended for young children.

October 31, starting at 4pm, downtown Turners Falls!
For details on Count Dracula and to see cast photos go to

Next Saturday: Dubious Liftings Festival

A meeting of various strains of New England weirdness in the hopes of reaching greater enlightenment.  This is the third gathering in a series of what are turning out to be seasonal events.  Perhaps the most ambitious in the series, Dubious Liftings III will have fifteen different acts from all walks of musical life.

Bromp Treb - Turners Falls’’ own demented tape spinner
Sky Vz - VT air music
QFWFQ - Visual/interactive performance art, witches from Salem, MA
Cave/Mule/Zebu! - a trimuvirate of poisoned rock, poised to rock
Schurt Kwitters- vocal,etc...
Grey Skull - stone age meltdown
Heat Wilson - cut ups
Dark Inside the Sun - needs 40 drum sticks
Jow Jow the Death Knell - collective based (psych) learning
Mystic Out-Bop - free jazz trio from Portland, ME
Nam Buddies - endless guitar, still soloing in VT
Servitor - plays objects
Moon Climb the Wall - percussion/echo sound
Loren Hamlan - the most!
Christopher Carmody - some nice songs, maybe

November 1, $5-7, 141 Second Street, Turners Falls
Related link here

Next Sunday: Keeping Abreast fundraiser for breast cancer

Sue Blauner, breast cancer survivor, will host a fundraiser to raise awareness of the disease, help defray her out of pocket medical expenses, and contribute to Rays of Hope, an amazing non-profit that offers a plethora of free support services for women surviving breast cancer. The organization offers writing groups, massage, acupuncture, Reiki, art groups, speaker presentations, like DeeDee Jonroe, Iditarod champ and breast cancer survivor from Alaska, and much more. Christine Carpenter, the Wellness Coordinator with ROH will speak at Keeping Abreast. The whole event will have a community awareness focus, as one in eight women will get breast cancer by the time they are 50. The event features:
Guest Speakers
Christine Carpenter, Rays of Hope
Pamela Roberts, breast cancer survivor, artist, writer, found of One in Eight
The Torso Project
Rob Peck, motivational speaker and juggling humorist
Lenny Zarcone, emcee, song, mime
Shenendoah, hoop dancing
Antonio Aversano, didgeridoo
Ferne Bork and Bruce Kahn, song and guitar
Jennifer Lambert, spoken word
Silent Auction
Free Literature
Networking & Support
November 2, 5 - 7 p.m., $15, The Rendezvous, 78 3rd St., Turners Falls
More info here

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Posted by RiverCulture - October 28, 2008