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Something's Fishy in Turners Falls


Turners Falls Fishway

May 15 - June 20, 9 AM - 5 PM
At Turners Falls Dam, Behind Town Hall
One Avenue A, Turners Falls
413-659-3714, Free

Have you ever wondered what happens at the Fish ladder? For one month out of the year, you can see what fish look like underwater as they swim upstream  which allows fish, including shad, lampreys, and Atlantic salmon to bypass the dam and return upstream to spawn in the spring. The fish ladder is open for public viewing during the height of spawning season.
Read more about the Fish Ladder here.

Valley Idol: Fish Theme Song

New this year - each contestant must choose one song to fit in with the village wide theme of Fish this month!

The Shea Theater presents the Fifth Annual Valley Idol Competition and Valley Idol, Jr., Competition. Valley Idol is a karaoke singing contest with a grand prize of $1,000, $500 for 2nd place, $250 for 3rd place, and $250 Audience Favorite. The first 100 applicants only will be able to compete. A registration fee of $35 applies to all contestants. Auditions will take place on:

Round 1: Friday, May 7, 6 pm
Round 2: Saturday, May 8, 7 pm
Semifinals: Saturday, May 15, 7 pm
Finals: Saturday, May 22, 8 pm.

More about Valley Idol here.

Fishy Events at the Library

Story Hour Wednesday at Carnegie
May 18, 10:15 am -  Fish theme books will include Fish Wish by Bob Barner and Hooray for Fish by Lucy Cousins.  The thematic craft will be "Underwater Worlds," which will include making multimedium dioramas.  

Millers Falls Library Club
May 25, 3:30 pm - Fish Theme Books will include Fish Faces by Norbert Wu and Puffer's Surprise by Barbara Gaines Winkelman.  The projects will include sealife murals.  

Spring for Homeschoolers at Carnegie 
May 26, 1:15 pm - Fish Theme Will include a discussion of local fish and their spring migrations. 

It's Fishy Out There

May 22, 1:00 - 2:30 pm
Great Falls Discovery Center
2 Avenue A, Turners Falls, MA

Do you know that fish are migrating up the Connecticut River right now? Turners Falls offers an exceptional chance to see this fascinating part of the life cycle of special kinds of fish, called anadromous fish, who are born in fresh water, live part of their lives in the ocean, then come back to where they were born to spawn and start the cycle all over again. Come to the Discovery Center for a Migration Challenge, then stroll with us up the bike path to the fish ladder, where we'll watch shad and the amazing lamprey swim up the river to their spawning grounds. 
Visit the Discovery Center's website here

Public Art Bike Rack Celebration

May 23- during Bike Week, 1 - 3 pm
Great Falls Discovery Center
2 Avenue A, Turners Falls, MA

Drawing upon the historic settlement origins of Turners Falls, earlier known as the "Great Falls," where Native Americans gathered to celebrate the bounty of salmon in the river, native salmon inspired the idea for this bike rack design.  Come to the Great Hall of the Great Falls Discovery Center to hear the bike rack's creator, Annaliese Bischoff, speak about the process of creating the piece as well as some of her other creative projects. The rack is on Avenue A between the Shea theater and Jay K's and will be a permanent rack and public art installation on the Avenue A streetscape.
Read more about the Bike Rack here.

Family Fish Day

June 5, 10am - 2 pm
Great Falls Discovery Center
2 Avenue A, Turners Falls, MA

Hang the "Gone Fishing" sign on your door and come share in the joy of fishing at
the Fifth Annual Family Fish Day taking place at the Great Falls Discovery Center. Fishing will be taking place at Barton's Cover, with fly tying demonstrations, fly-fishing demonstrations, face painting, and fish printing happening at the Center. Bring the family and enjoy the great outdoors. The event will happen, rain or shine! Sign in at the Center to get your free raffle ticket.

Fish Printing by Northfield Mountain

June 12, 1 - 3 pm
Unity Park along bike path near fishway entrance.

Fish print your very own T-shirt or artwork on paper and discover the intricate beauty and important function of fish fins and scales. Use scientifically accurate replicas of Connecticut River fish to learn about resident fish of the Connecticut River as well as the amazing migratory fish that return to the river each spring.  Drop by the Turners Falls Fishway anytime between 1 and 3 p.m. and remember to bring a T-shirt or other cloth item to use for fish printing. Fish Tee-shirts make great Father's Day presents!  Please wear clothes that can get stained.  For ages 6 and older.

Water Under the Bridge Downtown Music Festival

June 11 + 12
Various venues in downtown Turners Falls

Join the fish and come to town for a village wide music festival starting Friday night and continuing through Saturday night. Venues and parks throughout Turners Falls will have entertainment.  Some of the weekend's festivities include Art Jam 2010 in Peskeomskut Park; MarkaMusic at Ristorante DiPaolo; Rusty Belle at the Rendezvous; Brook Batteau and the New Cosmology, The Reprobate Blues Band, Stone Coyotes at the Burrito Rojo; Boxcar Lillies at Great Falls Coffee House, Brickhouse Fundraiser at the Shea Theater featuring Trials and Tribulations and the Banjo Queen to date; plus much more at 2nd Street Baking Co. Jakes Tavern, Between the Uprights, Brick House performance space, Gallery at Hallmark and more.  Stay tuned for details on the RiverCulture website.

Mickey Novak at Discovery Center Lecture Series

June 17, 7 - 8:30 pm
Great Falls Discovery Center
2 Avenue A, Turners Falls, MA

Third Thursday Night Evening Series at the Great Falls Discovery Center features U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Hatchery Manager Mickey Novak. Mickey has a wealth of information regarding all the fish in the Connecticut River but will focus on the Atlantic salmon and shad. He will discuss present population numbers and what we may expect in the future.

Posted by RiverCulture - May 15, 2010