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We had a fabulous summer, and a perfect day for the Turners Falls Block Party.  If you missed it, check out the Recorder article or log on to our facebook page and scroll down the wall to see some pictures from party guests or upload some of your own! 

Turners Falls Footprints theme continues with two great events this week including a film showing of Stranger with a Camera, Friday at Hallmark Gallery as part of Vern McClish's Appalachia show and a Jurrassic Roadshow happening Saturday at the Great Falls Discovery Center!  Final reminder:  call to Producers proposal deadline is Monday August 30th.

Dilemmas of the Documentary Artist: Film, Exhibit and Q & A

For those of you who attended the Rural Voices Conversations networking event at Double Edge Theater a few weeks ago, you will remember the fascinating conversation panelist Elizabeth Barret’s documentary film, Stranger with a Camera, provoked about a filmmaker visiting the mountains of Central Appalchia to document poverty. We explored issues documentarians face when arriving in a community and unique dilemmas of respecting privacy while telling a story to promote social change.

Through our partnership with Fostering Art & Culture Project, we have arranged a special showing of the film to happen in conjunction with Turners Falls artist Vern McClish’s show, Appalachia, Families & Faces 1971-1975 at the Gallery at Hallmark on Friday August 27th at 7 pm. After the film you will have a chance to view the current exhibit at the gallery and participate in a question and answer session with Vern about how he handled sensitive community issues, earned trust of locals, and other issues unique to documentary artists.

This is a great excuse to come see Vern's show before it closes on Sept 5th. We look forward to seeing you all on Friday!

Image: Father and Sons, by Vern McClish

Friday August 27 7 pm Free Gallery at Hallmark 85 Avenue A Turners Falls

Jurassic Roadshow! This Saturday!

Calling all fossil fanatics, rock hounds, and dinosaur diggers! Bring your rocks and fossils to the Jurassic Roadshow at the Great Falls Discovery Center in Turners Falls, where you'll find scientists and an appreciative audience of like-minded souls eager to see them! They don't really have to be Jurassic: rocks from anywhere and any era are welcome. Whether you have a dinosaur track, a fish or plant fossil, a piece of bone, a tooth, mysterious marks, or just plain weird, interesting, or beautiful rocks, bring them on down to find out what they are and let people ooh and aah over them.

Paleontologist Patrick Getty (University of Connecticut at Storrs) and geologist Steve Winters (Holyoke Community College) will be on hand to identify specimens and tell you something about their origins and composition. In addition, two highly knowledgeable local collectors, Ed Gregory and Paul Fontaine, will display special items from their personal collections of dinosaur footprints and other local fossils. The Discovery Center's collection also will be on exhibit, along with information on the history of the discovery of dinosaur tracks in the area in 1835 - the first known to science.

Read more about the event in this week's Valley Advocate. 

More details on the event here.

Saturday, August 28 11 am - 3 pm Free Great Falls Discovery Center 2 Avenue A Turners Falls contact Sarah Doyle 413.863.9972

Call to Artists: Producers Submission Deadline, August 30th

RiverCulture wants to pay you to make art in downtown Turners Falls. You submit a proposal for the participatory/public art you want to make/do and if you're selected, we'll give you money to make that art happen.

Selection Criteria:

  • inventiveness/beauty/aha-ness (aka Does it wow us?)
  • use of location (some part of downtown turners falls) in a new/reimagined/creative way (aka Does it reinvent the location for us?)
  • likelihood you can pull it off (aka Can you do it for real?)
  • participatory nature/reach (aka How many people will participate/be a part of/enjoy it?)
  • use of the money (aka Is the award money spent well?)
  • deadline (aka Did it come in time for us to see it?)

AWARD AMOUNT : $1750     DEADLINE: August 30th

Details here.

Artists Networking BUZZ Events!  Register by Sept 1

Do you want to connect with other Franklin County Artists?  Here's a perfect opportunity. RiverCulture is a partner in the county-wide creative economy initiative - Fostering Art & Culture Project - which is hosting five networking or "BUZZ" events in five creative hubs in the county.  You are invited to register as an artist on their website as part of a comprehensive Franklin County artists database, and come to the Buzz events. 

The next event is September 9th in Deerfield and will focus on marketing. Come meet Christina Pappas of Open the Door Consulting and hear the results of her several conversations with Franklin County artists about marketing needs.  The event will also include a short performance art peice about art and money by Jennifer Ladd.

This event is free of charge for Franklin County artists, Reservations are required by September 1: artandculture@gcc.mass or 413-441-6164

The Turners Falls networking Buzz will take place October 29th at the closing of the Franklin County Biennial juried fine art show.  Read about upcoming Buzz events here.

Pictured: Christina Pappas

Thursday, September 9 • 6-9 pm • Memorial Hall  • Deerfield

There is plenty more going on in and around Turners Falls including shows at local venues, programs at the Great Falls Discovery Center, hiking at Northfield Mountain and much more. Details on the RiverCulture calendar.

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Posted by RiverCulture - August 25, 2010